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The Option Method and Bruce Di Marsico

In these articles you will learn more about the Option Method, its creator Bruce Di Marsico, and how and why the questions can help you overcome depression and improve your mental health.

Articles by Bruce Di Marsico

The Creation of the Option Method
Philosophy behind the method

To Love Is To Be Happy
The link between love relationships and happiness

Unhappiness & Depression
The Cause of Unhappiness
The Seven Understandings of All Unhappiness

About Bruce

In Memoriam to Bruce Di Marsico

Articles by Wendy Dolber

Getting Ready For An Option Dialogue

Articles by Frank Mosca

Happiness by the Numbers
& The ABC's of Bliss and the Blues

I Really Don't Want To Do
What I'm Doing

- Includes an Option Method dialogue

How Can I Be Happy
In Such A World As This!

The Godspeak

Articles by Deborah Mendel

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The Option Method Questions

Sample Dialogue using the Option Method Questions

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