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Deborah Mendel

Deborah Mendel

Location: Locke, California

Phone: Home: 916-776-2266

Email: deborah@optionmethodnetwork.com

Web Site: ChooseHappiness.net

Services Offered: Deborah is available for individual Option Method Dialogues by phone or in person, for Option Method Master Teacher training, or as a guest lecturer for workshops or classes. Some instruction can be done via the Internet also. Option Method Dialogues via www.skype.com for international clients and students.

Experience: Deborah met her late husband Bruce (the creator of the Option Method) when she was just beginning her studies as a fine arts major at Morris County Community College in Dover, New Jersey. Falling in love with Bruce, she left her artistic pursuits to begin a new personal life with him and to immerse herself in the study of the Option Method. She studied and worked at Bruce’s side for 27 years. Deborah’s unique grasp and understanding of the Option Method affords us all a special opportunity to benefit from her intimate experience with Bruce and his teachings.

Deborah possesses a compassionate healing kindness that touches everyone she meets and is always available to discuss the Option Method.

Deborah lives in the town of Locke (locketown.com) in Northern California. She is available for lectures or as a guest speaker at Option workshops, groups or classes. She welcomes and encourages anyone to contact her to discuss Option or to learn more about her late husband Bruce Di Marsico, or just say hello.

Her current projects include the publication of Bruce’s writings and audio recordings of his lectures. Contact her if you would like to be on her mailing list for notice of future releases.


“I have just come upon the Option Method and love the simplicity of your husband’s questions. They are true to human nature.” — Sarah Shapiro, Jerusalem, Israel

“I know I will keep using this method probably for a long time to come, if not forever! I am indebted to Bruce as well as you Deborah, for continuing to spread his legacy. It’s sheer GENIUS!” — Jan Frijters, The Netherlands

“I have been doing dialogues with myself, and have had some quite startling realizations. It is clearly a very powerful tool!” — Randy Austill

“You likely won’t be surprised to hear that reading [Bruce’s book] was one of the most profound experiences of my life. I go through 30 pages the first night, had intense and ‘insightful’ dreams and awoke to a transformed world.” — Sue Kranz

“The Option idea is a very powerful one and it has had a strong impact on my life.” — John McIlroy

“I was immediately stunned by the technique. It seems to not only meet all my ‘ideal’ criteria — simple, fast, elegant, respectful, easy, fun, and powerful — but exceeds what I thought was possible . . . and that’s after using it only twice! I remain as dazzled as ever by the simple but extraordinary power and elegance of the questions.” — Vincent O’Kelly, United Kingdom

“I was so amazed to learn about this method and how easy it can be to become happy.” — Lutz Stradmann, Germany

“Your late husband and you have given the world a GREAT gift.” — Bob Marino

“I had so much energy after our talk that I went out for a long walk, processing so much. It felt like such an answer for me that I have been searching for for quite sometime now. This morning I felt newly encouraged to do my own dialogue around a struggle I’ve had for a long time with my spiritual journey . . . I was able to get to a whole new place.” — Judy White

“I recently completed what I thought was going to be another fabulous dialogue. I was right. It was much more though. Have you ever been with someone that was the epitome of unconditional love? If you haven’t, then you ought to do a dialogue with Debbie Di Marsico. If you have and you want to experience it again, you owe it to yourself to do a dialogue with Debbie. The love and caring I experienced from Debbie was absolutely beautiful. I felt very free and relaxed during the entire dialogue which allowed me to express myself without hesitation. Debbie helped me unravel many beliefs that have been causing a lot of unrest in my life. Thank you Debbie.” — Bob Feinberg

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