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When you are unhappy it is because you believe you should be. You feel it is necessary. Whenever you are unhappy (or angry, sad, frightened; use your own words) you can become happy by asking yourself:

“If it were possible, would I like to be happy and suffer less?”

If you answer YES, then ask yourself the Option Method Questions. What are the Option Method Questions? They are:

  1. What are you unhappy about? (identify)
    What do you mean? (clarify)
  2. What [is it] about that, that makes you unhappy? (identify)
    What do you mean? (clarify)
  3. Why are you unhappy about that? (identify)
    What do you mean? (clarify)
  4. What are you afraid would happen or What are you afraid it would mean if you were not unhappy about that?
  5. Why would it have to mean that? or Do I still believe that [being happy would be bad for me right now]?

Even if you were happy now, you are still for whatever you are for and against whatever you are against. Being happy is not contradictory to your values or desires.

by Bruce Di Marsico

If you’d like to have someone help you through the dialogue questions the first few times, consider working with an Option Method Master Teacher.

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