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Experience Actual Lessons with Bruce Di Marsico

Experience Bruce Di Marsico’s teachings through transcribed study courses and archival audio recordings of Bruce’s classes. Access to this archival library is free. Contributions to the ongoing preservation and presentation of this archival library are always welcome.

Visit the Bruce Di Marsico archives.

The Collected Works of Bruce Di Masico, complete in three volumes

The Option Method: The Myth of Unhappiness; The Collected Works of Bruce Di Marsico on The Option Method and Attitude

The Option Method: The Myth of Unhappiness captures the essence of this groundbreaking self-help tool in the words of its creator, Bruce M. Di Marsico. A powerful tool for happiness, The Option Method is based on the premise that happiness is our natural state and all unhappiness is based on the belief that we have to be unhappy. Available as individual volumes or as a complete set.

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Be Happier Now! Your Personal Roadmap to a Life of Joy & Happiness: The Option Method Workbook

Be Happier Now! Your Personal Roadmap to a Life of Joy & Happiness
The Option Method Workbook

by Deborah Mendel

Anyone desiring to learn how to use the Option Method will find this workbook both simple and enlightening. Deborah Mendel has created a hands-on tool that is ideal for the novice or experienced Option Method student. This workbook explains the Option Method questions that were created by her late husband, Bruce Di Marsico.

She guides you through the process of using each question to help you identify the core beliefs that are keeping you from being happier in life. Be Happier Now! Your Personal Roadmap to a Life of Joy & Happiness may be used alone or in conjunction with Bruce’s book and CDs to teach yourself or others how to use the Option Method.

Spiral-bound workbook $9.95

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The Guru Next Door

The Guru Next Door: A Teacher’s Legacy

by Wendy Dolber

The Guru Next Door: A Teacher’s Legacy brings the spirit of personal development expert Bruce Di Marsico’s revolutionary concept — the Option Method — to the masses. This remarkable book shares both the author’s experience with the essence of the man and the thinking behind his reflective teachings.

Many of Di Marsico’s own unique writings and teachings are interwoven throughout this fictional tale. The result is an entertaining and spellbinding illustration of how loving and nonjudgmental questions can reveal secrets within all of us that lead to profound happiness.

Wendy Dolber on Ebru TV's Footnote, a weekly book talk show Watch Wendy discuss Option Method and her book in an interview on Footnote, a weekly book talk show on Ebru TV.

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Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions: The Option Method

Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions
The Option Method

by Bruce M. Di Marsico

During his lifetime Bruce’s students frequently asked him to write a book. Bruce, it seemed, was much happier devoting his time to writing for his lectures and classes and spending time with his students. Whether he was sitting in his living room with them or around the kitchen table, Bruce preferred to teach in his own very unique dynamic way. He loved to be with students. He never did get around to publishing a book himself, but he left us with a wealth of material to work with.

In this book there is something for everyone, those who had the opportunity to know him and especially those who had not. Unlock Your Happiness with Five Simple Questions: The Option Method is the first book of his writings ever published. It encapsulates his entire philosophy and is based on material he developed near the end of his life. His widow, Deborah Mendel, has put together his most succinct work, writings that he had evolved and refined over the thirty years he shared Option with us. This book will not only help us individually to understand his Option Method and its principles, but provides a key tool in sharing Option with others. Whether exploring Option with friends or in ones own Option Method workshops or practice, this book is an invaluable guide.

Perfectbound 105-page book $9.95

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Is Happiness a Choice?

The Happiness Secret: Is Happiness a Choice?
The Option Method Philosophy

by Bruce M. Di Marsico

What role does choice play in our happiness or unhappiness? Can we indeed choose to be happy? This was the most common question asked by the Option students who gathered together at Bruce Di Marsico’s home for this lecture recorded live in November of 1995, just a few weeks before he passed away. These fortunate students, most of whom had studied at the Option Institute, had no idea that these would be Bruce’s last recorded words.

Bruce clarifies what he means by choice. He explains to his students how our beliefs affect our happiness and unhappiness. Bruce explores the connections between our feelings and our beliefs and just what kind of judgments cause us to feel bad.

Two audio CDs, approx. 90 minutes, $8.95

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The Key to a Happy Life

The Key to a Happy Life
Bruce Di Marsico Presents The Option Method

This is the first recording of Bruce Di Marsico to be released by his widow, Deborah Mendel. Bruce created the Option Method in 1970. In this live recording in New York in April 1973, he shares his Method and the philosophy behind it.

Discover the real Bruce Di Marsico; not fictional, not mysterious nor elusive, but rather a most kind and gentle man. Bruce explains in his own words how this simple self-help tool can free us from our self-imposed suffering to rediscover our personal wisdom and happiness. He demonstrates through stories and real life examples, how what we believe creates what we feel.

Audio CD, approx. 35 minutes, $4.95

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The Complete Happiness Kit

The Complete Happiness Kit includes...

Happiness Kit $75

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Joywords, an Introduction to the Option Method


An Invitation to Happiness through an Introduction to the Option Method
by Frank Mosca

Joywords is an introduction to the Option Method that utilizes both a step by step conceptual framework and actual edited dialogues with nine people who profited from this educational experience. You will find issues of panic attacks, sexual abuse, marital discord, failing health, loss of direction in life, breaking free from the constraints of the opinions of others, fear of death, guilt and the legacy of the Holocaust all addressed by individuals who came to burst the bonds of the assumptions that stood between them and a fuller and ongoing embrace of their here and now happiness and joy. Here is an elegant, deceptively simple but enormously powerful tool that can lift you beyond the suppositions of “Old Age” or “New Age” approaches and truly set you on a course of liberation from the many forms of unhappiness that plague our every day lives. You become the expert on you using this dialogue questioning method. There are no limits to how happy you can become with this method, except the one’s that you presently hold to be true. This work invites to come to the fullest realization of your potential to live your life in joy.

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The Option Method Joybuilding Workbook

The Option Method Joybuilding Workbook

by Frank Mosca

This book unravels the mysteries of how we get unhappy and shows you how to get past your specific problems and get more joy in your life, right now! Its literally a map through all the pain and suffering, the dead ends, the unwanted compromises, the broken relationships, the painful failures and all the many miseries and disappointments that plague our lives. Step by step you are led through a re-education of your understanding about not only unhappiness, but also happiness. You will find yourself more and more experiencing your joy as a basic, ongoing and legitimate part of your life without compromise or apology. Filled with useful examples, exercises and detailed, down to earth instructions on how to use this breakthrough approach called the Option Method, this is the one book that is not inflated rhetoric when it offers the promise of radically changing your life and all its perspective from the ground up.

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The Unbearable Wrongness of Being

The Unbearable Wrongness of Being

Exploring and Getting Beyond the Myth of Unhappiness
by Frank Mosca

The Unbearable Wrongness of Being is an exploration of the Option Method perspective through the device of literary vignettes taken from classic literature and altered to create an Option dialogue in each story. The Option Method is a way to let go of your unhappiness through a dialogue method of self inquiry. It is a self educational tool that allows you to get to the heart of your assumptions about unhappiness and gradually see reality in a new light. It is practical, compassionate and non-ideological in nature. The fictionalized settings give a fine overview of how this method is utilized. You will see how Option could have operated with Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov and the Grand Inquisitor in particular; how it reflects itself in Tolstoy’s “Death of Ivan Ilych,” or in a “lost” dialogue of Plato, or in a new version of Euripides’ Medea, or eavesdrop on an Option discussion with the Buddha. That and more covering themes of Death, the Meaning of History, Love, Hate, Evil, etc., are brought to life in the creative setting of the Option perspective at work in the creative process, a process alive in each of us. Join these fiction characters on a journey of discovery and find yourself opening the door to greater joy along with them!

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The Godspeak: A story of self-discovery

The Godspeak

A story of self-discovery
by Frank Mosca

A journey of self discovery that includes spies, love, sex, conspiracies, philosophical questioning and scientific Armageddon across four continents. Dostoevsky and Tom Clancy would love this book.

The Godspeak touches on the deepest nerves of contemporary life, on the fears of fundamentalist terror, on the dread of destruction by weapons of mass destruction, on the agonies of finding personal meaning in a world so riven with danger strife and empty lives. Follow Dan Ferino as he unravels a mystery that begins with a physicist’s death, with the discovery of a weapon of enormous destructive power that needs to be saved from falling into the hands of the fundamentalist ideologues of our world. Join him in a chase across four continents against time as he seeks to save the world and more deeply to find meaning for himself. His discoveries will be yours as well; his self resolution will be a model for your own personal transformation.

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