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Getting Ready for an Option Dialogue

by Wendy Dolber

There is really nothing you need to do to prepare for an Option dialog except to make yourself available both physically and mentally. You've made the decision to engage in the Method to become a happier person. Just be there and enjoy the process. There are questions that participants in Option often have. Here are just a few that may help you enjoy your Option adventure even more.

What if I don't have anything serious on my mind at the time of my session?

The wonderful thing about the Option Method is that you don't have to be deeply unhappy to get a lot out of your session. The Option approach is a way of thinking about your problems, about the feelings you have that you don't like. Believe it or not, dealing with something that is slightly annoying, as opposed to something that upsets you to the very core of your being, can teach you volumes about the way you view the world. Questioning your unhappiness in any way brings you closer to being a happier person in every way.

What does it mean if I have to come back to the same problem again and again?

If you are worried about this, you may want to bring it up in a session and actually work it through using the Option Method. Think of the Option dialog as a learning experience. Just like anything else, if you have not learned yet (to stop being unhappy), it simply means that there is still something you do not understand. If you get unhappy about the same thing over and over, perhaps you have not gotten to the core belief yet. Or, perhaps you are actually not really dealing with the same problem at all! It's like peeling an onion. Each layer may look the same, but are they really?

What if I think my teacher is not asking me the right questions?

Let them know! Your teacher is there to help you and questions that you think should be asked can help redirect the conversation in a more relevant direction. Don't be afraid to help your teacher help you.

Are there some problems that Option can't solve?

Strictly speaking, Option Method can help anyone with any problem no matter how long they have been unhappy, no matter how unhappy, or anxious, or depressed they have been, so long as they can communicate the problem. Option Method is not something that "works". It is a way to be happier, a vehicle for self-discovery. If you truly approach your sessions in that light, you will change; you will become a happier person.

by Wendy Dolber

If you’d like to have someone help you through the dialogue questions the first few times, consider working with an Option Method Master Teacher.

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