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Frank Mosca, Ph.D.

Frank Mosca

Location: Hampton Bays, New York

Phone: 631-728-5912 or 631-834-4115 (cell)

Web Site: www.FrankMosca.com

Experience: 27 years experience working with the Option Method.

Services: Individual sessions in person or over the phone. I have given an ongoing series of seminars and workshops, locally and nationally for years. Presently, these have been mainly in my local area, but arrangements can be made for any place and size audience.

Additionally, I hope to have training available for those who want an in-depth experience of how to do Option. Presently, I can only offer a one-on-one situation, but that may change so stay tuned.

Author: I have written four books:

Background: I became an Option Method Master Teacher after my initial acquaintance with the Option Method through Barry Kaufman. I had been a psychotherapist with formal training at N.Y. University’s Post Doctoral Institute for Psychotherapy, after a period at that institution as a professor. I have also had formal training at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Positive Psychology and am fully acquainted with their approach and philosophy. So, I have formal training as a psychologist/psychotherapist and in that capacity dealt with every kind of diagnosed category imaginable. However, the Option Method opened up potentials for happiness that all other approaches at best merely hinted at and at worst severely handicapped the people who followed those approaches. When I was fortunate to meet Bruce Di Marsico, then I was able to realize the fullness of what Option had to offer. The years with him were golden beyond measure. I talk more in detail about my experiences in the books I have written.

What I bring, then, is decades of experience as a helper and then as an informed and trained Master Teacher of the Method. In working with people, there is no substitute for living the truth of your happiness. This does not make you a “happy robot” by any means, but what it does do is to leaven your life with the understanding of your happiness so that you are never out of touch with that truth. Otherwise, it is the blind leading the blind, so to do Option is to live Option.

To profit from a session one needs only good will and an openness to learning. There is no formula to tell in advance. If the Method works for you, then you will know it experientially. It has nothing to do with “insight” in the conventional therapeutic paradigm, and it is not an emotional “exorcism” of the demons of past traumas after the fashion of so many other approaches. My sessions are usually an hour long by convention and the preference of most people, but I have worked with people for hours on end in some instances. It just depends on what is agreed upon. As to issues dealt with by Option, the truth is that people come with issues under whatever heading — parenting, self-esteem, anxieties, relationships, health, marriage, career, etc. — but the reality is that there is only one issue: do you want your happiness and do you want that now. Of course, it takes some time before that becomes clear to most people and many will have a dialogue and feel that they have settled an issue very nicely. That’s just fine because I am not out to impose any orthodoxy on anyone. But at the same time, the heart of Option is always and only the same thing: your beliefs keep you from affirming your happiness. Your happiness comes before any issue and it is only by getting beyond the issue stage to see the vast underlying sea of wonder that is your own joy and happiness that one really can appreciate the incredibly transformative nature of what Option represents. But it is perfectly fine to get there in your own way and at your own pace.

Obviously, the best preparation would be an acquaintance with the Method and my books do indeed provide an excellent way of learning about and experiencing the potentials the Method holds. Hopefully they will be available for that purpose in the near future. The setting up of a session is simply a matter of communication and convenience for both parties. My availability varies with time and circumstances. The excerpt from a couple of my books found below gives a flavor of what a dialogue session looks like and what my general approach is like as well.


“After my own writings, I turn to Frank Mosca’s works as the best description of the Option Method.”
Bruce Di Marsico, Creator of the Option Method

“I have found your work outstanding. You have a real gift for effective metaphors and catchy phrases that I admire . . . I am so enthusiastic about your work . . . I consider your work profound, entrancing, and successfully offering a brilliant answer to one of the most urgent problems of our times: why are human beings so unhappy.”
Personal communication.

“This is a gem for anyone who wants to get free from the illusions that keep us from naturally and effortlessly living a happy life.” Quoted in Ken Keyes’ book Your Road Map to LifeLong Happiness.
— Ken Keyes, author and creator of the Living Love Method

“I am very grateful for this past week. I enjoyed you as a ‘teacher,’ your simplicity, your accessibility, your gift, your laughter, your generosity.”

“I enjoyed the content; the workbook was most valuable. I have taken a lot of seminars so far and I definitely enjoyed this one the most. The simplicity of the Option Method: all there is is happiness, the rest is illusion. There are no requirements, no prescriptions. We can all be happy right now, and I am. Now I’mo looking forward to being happier and happier and happier. Thank you.”
— Lyne St-Louis, systems manager

“Dear Frank, I feel really complete with what I brought home from your workshop. You showed me the Option philosophy from every angle and how it elucidates all aspects of experience.”

“I have plenty of opportunities to practice dialog with my massage clients. Since your workshop I feel more comfortable, stuck less often and much more content with whatever happens or doesn’t happen in a session. In short I am happier and freer to do what I love doing. Thanks.”
— Joe Graham, massage therapist

“The Option Method has been the ultimate transformative experience in my life. My experience with Bruce Di Marsico changed my life and gave me the tools to get past the jealousies, fears, anxieties and emotional baggage that had kept me in bondage to my unhappiness. I have lived and practiced Option as a therapist for many years and with the death of Bruce, I can honestly say that Frank Mosca is the best that there is and reflects, in my view, the spirit and technique of Bruce most closely. His books and his approach carry on the tradition of Option and give a new generation the opportunity to come to know the truth about their happiness.”
— Roedi Reeberg

“The thing I liked most about Frank was that he said I am not the Way, Option is not the Way, but rather here are a set of tools for you to use as you want. So it was about turning over something to me as an active participant in creating my own happiness. I am responsible for myself and I am the authority over myself.

“The way he would present the material was so consistent with this. It was what do I know about myself. So it was coming to know that I was the author of myself. It was like a reality check. The reality is that everybody is always judging everything that comes into their lives. It is their beliefs that they are responding to and really says nothing about me.

“I am so pleased that Frank is so well read and can draw upon so many sources, from history, the history of religion, philosophy. I found his grasp of the material so clear and so well communicated. And Frank is a funny guy. We always had a lot of fun. This was a wonderful part of how the material was presented. It was not just some small body of theory that was presented, but you could see how this whole notion played itself out in the course of human history.

“The key thing about his talks and his books was the way the writing was offered. It was offered completely in the spirit of freedom. So in that way the work was completely consistent with the Option Method itself.”
— Christine Olsen, educator

“Option has been for me the single most important experience of my life. I have learned that what I dreamed of as a kid but never thought I would have. Option has opened the door to understanding that I really could be happy, that life can really feel like fun and unpredictable and wonderful and isn’t that just so grand to know. I have spent all my life searching in seminars, ashrams, personalities, gurus, workshops and while I have found some things of value those experiences still left me essentially empty.

“I have met, I think, all the well known teachers in the field of self help over the last fifteen years and I can say unequivocally that Frank Mosca is the dean of all. He has shown me Option, the greatest tool for living, playing around with and enjoying life to the fullest. I came to really understand that I am responsible for myself and if there are beliefs that are in the way of my happiness, that I can change that. I can truly say that I am having fun now.

“No longer is my life living with so many laborious thoughts about what if this happens and what if that happens. I have been able to put away the notion that there was some answer that would forever elude me but still I was doomed to keep looking forever. I have come to know that there isn’t anything wrong with me and there isn’t anything wrong. There are plenty of things I would like to see changed, there are many things I don’t like and there are a lot of things about me I have wished were different and not occurred and many things right now I would like to make some shifts in. But no longer is my happiness at stake, no longer is my well being at stake. And just that word “happiness” just to try and really put my arms around that to get what it has come to signify for me — which is that it’s good to be alive, it’s good to be me and what a great treat it is to be in this playground called our world.

“As for Frank’s books, when I finally came to read Joywords and The Unbearable Wrongness of Being there was an absolute sense that I was finally reading the truth of what it really means to be alive. For myself, his books have been the most influential literature that I have come across. There have been such astounding benefits to reading the books, listening to the tapes and working with him personally. It has come to be that I have really stopped looking for the teacher, or the guru, or the someone else out there to find the answers. My happiness is always mine and I alone am the one who can affirm it for myself.”
— Guy Kuperman, therapist, program director

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