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Option Method Master Teachers can help you find the answers to even the most challenging experiences in your life by asking a series of carefully designed questions. Below are the Master Teachers that are available to talk with you.

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Dialogues in Self Discovery

Wendy Dolber Wendy Dolber

Location: Montclair, New Jersey
Phone: 973-714-2800
Web Site: Dialogues in Self Discovery
Option Experience: Wendy Dolber was one of the original group of Option Method Master Teachers trained by Bruce M. Di Marsico, the creator of the Option Method. She has practiced Option for over 30 years.
Services Offered: Individual sessions conducted by phone or on-line.

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Deborah MendelDeborah Mendel

Location: Locke, California
Phone: Home: 916-776-2266
Web Site: www.ChooseHappiness.net
Experience: Bruce Di Marsico's widow, Deborah has 33 years Option Method experience.
Services Offered: Deborah is available for individual Option Method Dialogues by phone or in person, for Option Method Master Teacher training, or as a guest lecturer for workshops or classes. Some instruction can be done via the Internet also.

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Frank MoscaFrank Mosca

Location: Hampton Bays, New York
Phone: 631-728-5912 or 631-834-4115 (cell)
Web Site: www.FrankMosca.com
Experience: 27 years experience working with the Option Method.
Services Offered: Individual sessions in person or over the phone. I have given an ongoing series of seminars and workshops, locally and nationally for years. Presently, these have been mainly in my local area, but arrangements can be made for any place and size audience.

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